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Borncut A/S, a leading global player in the portioning industry for poultry, fish, and meat processing, has sold the majority of its shares to IB Food-Machines, based in the Netherlands. This decision follows years of extensive collaboration between Borncut’s owners and Ingmar Baars, the majority owner of IB Food-Machines. The change is effective as of today.

Background and collaboration

Borncut and IB Food-Machines have had a productive partnership over the past few years. Ingmar Baars, founder of IB Food-Machines, has been a significant sales channel for Borncut’s products. Since its establishment in 2016, Borncut has become a top player in the fixed-weight portioning market, leveraging the expertise of individuals involved in the development of the first portioner, the Norfo, and building on knowledge from Scanvaegt and Marel. The company has designed three types of portioning machines, along with infeed, weighing, and grading solutions, selling its equipment globally.

Statement from Gorm Sørensen, CEO of Borncut

“For me, it was crucial to find a buyer who respects the efforts of our skilled employees and will continue our growth. IB Food-Machines has been pivotal in supporting our sales in Europe. Despite several offers over the years, we chose Ingmar Baars and his team because they understand the value of our company, its products, and its culture,” said Gorm Sørensen, CEO and co-founder of Borncut.

Future plans and continuity

Borncut’s operations will continue on the Danish island of Bornholm, with current shareholders maintaining a minority stake. The company plans to leverage IB Food-Machines’ expertise to expand its sales, service, and manufacturing capabilities while continuing to deliver top-notch portioning machines to its customers. This acquisition marks a new chapter for Borncut, supported by the extensive expertise that IB Food-Machines has developed in Urk, Holland.

Statement from Ingmar Baars, owner of IB Food-Machines

“This is a major milestone in my company’s 15-year history. My team and I have represented numerous strong brands in the food industry with dedication and a customer-focused approach. We are excited to introduce Borncut’s exceptional products to customers worldwide. Borncut’s engineering and performance are far superior to the competition. We remain committed to providing personal and prompt responses to all customers, leveraging our advantage in a competitive market,” said Ingmar Baars, owner of IB Food-Machines.

Historical significance

Both the islands of Urk and Bornholm have significant histories in Holland and Denmark, particularly in the fishing industry. This foundation has led to developments in other areas on both islands. The union of these two island cultures is expected to spark new innovations in the future.

For further information, please contact:

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Oktober 2023

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