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The founders of Borncut invented the “portioncutter” as we know it, as early as 1992. At that time, they were employed at the company NORFO, a small company bases on Bornholm. NORFO was sold the Danish company Scanvaegt International, which later again was sold to the Islandic company Marel.

During all that time, the founders were occupied with further develop, implementing new technology, and develop Bornholm as a portioning center worldwide. During all that time, the inventors were occupied with develop the portion technology.

The following years, and as late as December 2015 the Portioncutter was further developed and produced on Bornholm.

In March 2015 Marel decided to close down the factory and all operation on Bornholm and moved the operation to their factory in Jutland by the end of 2015.

This was the trigger and a starting point, for a decision starting up our own company, and develop a new Portioning Cutter, that could fulfill our own demands.

In March 2016 Borncut was founded. A large new development project started.

The first location was a small office at “Møbelfabrikken” in Nexø,  – a startup facility.  In October 2016, we moved to a larger location, at Almindingsvej in Rønne, were we established both office and workshop.

In March 2017 the new Portioncutter BC 225D, a Dual machine and the BC 225R single machine, was released for sale.

In August 2017, we released BC225S, a real single line machine.

In May 2019, we released BC300-3. BC300-3 is a dedicated meat machine, with 3 camera technology.

In medio 2020 the servo controlled Quick Sort units QS225S and QS225D were released for sale. In March 2021 the QS300 was released.

Medio 2021 the servo controlled Equalizer 225S was released. This unit is capable of sorting out portions and manipulate the distance between the portions.

November 2021 we moved to a new and bigger facility at Lillevangsvej in Rønne.